And I wanted you…

And I wanted you. Simple as a full stop.

wantI craved for your touch, your whispers and hot breath printed on my skin.

I was hungry for your kisses and your bites. I wondered what story you would paint with your lips.

I closed my eyes, feeling your fingers discovering my body, unfolding it under your spell.

I shivered underneath you, on top of you, our bodies intertwined. You marked me, while our moans playing as the only song in the room.

I heard my cries of pleasure, your name echoing like a prayer for ‘more‘.

I unleashed my fears, letting go of all the control that held me so tight till your first Hello.


I was yours, and you – mine. I couldn’t understand where you started and where I ended.

I was free, you were breathing life into me.

I clearly remember the moment before we shattered into each other. It was madness, pure desire, primitive, shameless instinct; me drifting into you like a river finally finding its sea, never afraid of drowning.

And then I woke up, missing your scent on my body…

And I wanted you… too complicated as three equally spaced dots, because everything were just some unkept promises…

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